People seek out therapy for a variety of reasons. Some are experiencing a sense of depression or anxiety, some find themselves struggling with relationships, while others may be dealing with a life transition, such as divorce, career change, mid-life, or retirement. Often times there is simply a desire for inner change and personal growth.

My work and art as a therapist involves creating a safe, supportive, and confidential setting that allows an individual to explore areas of concern and promotes the opportunity for healing, change, and growth.

I believe that the relationship between client and therapist is fundamental to the process of change. Through this relationship, an individual can engage in a journey of discovery that opens one’s life up to new possibilities in areas such as relationships, health, work, and creativity.

In many ways, psychotherapy is about searching for one’s authentic self and allowing for a new range of energy, spontaneity, and connection with others. I am conveniently located in Frederick, MD and look forward to speaking with you about your personal journey toward change and growth.